The Tales of Tickety Boo

Hi! I’m Tickety Boo, the blue cockatoo!

Come join me as we play the Animal Game

Hello, hello to all of you.

My name, you know, is Tickety Boo.

With five adventures and more to come,

I hope you’ll join me and have some fun.


The 1st adventure takes place at the Zoo.

The 2nd one swims in the Ocean Blue.

The 3rd book looks at creatures of yore.

The one on Bugs makes for book number 4.

When we travel together, we can play a game

where clues are given to a mystery name

We’ll try and guess what the secret might be,

turn the page to reveal the creature we see. 

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Tickety Boo’s Latest Adventure!

Tickety Boo and The Mythological Creatures 2 is the 6th book in the Tales of Tickety Boo series.In this 2nd Mythological Book, Tickety Boo returns to Ancient Greece in search of more fantastical creatures.Come and join this wacky, blue cockatoo on his new adventure and play his signature animal guessing game.

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His other adventure is something unique.

Take look below to get a quick peek.

A visit to friends takes a silly turn.

Read it and see what you can learn.

Join my adventure on the farm!

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Ages 1-5

Join my adventure in the 

Ocean Blue!

Join my adventure at the zoo!

Join my adventure studying bugs!

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Ages 5-9

To order direct and receive a 20% discount call 1-646-354-8316

About Tickety Boo . . .

Once upon a time, a chick hatched anew,

soft and downy and a very bright blue.

Like his Mom and Dad, he was a Cockatoo.

And his parents named him Tickety Boo.

Once he could fly, he couldn’t stay home.

He had wandered far off, eager to roam.

His Mom and Dad waved him good-bye

He’d say “toodle-oo” and off he would fly.

A curious bird, he loved to take wing,

Looking for adventures to learn new things.

He was having such fun, but he was on his own

He decided he didn’t want to travel alone.

For each of his travels, he’d invite his friends.

He’d ask them to join him from beginning to end.

Perhaps, he thought, we should play a game,

We could give some clues and then guess a name.

He called his idea ‘The Animal Game’

And so his adventures gained some fame.

Tickety boo would like to ask YOU,

to come on his travels and play the game too.

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